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kingdom theologyA friend of mine emailed me today asking for a list of resources about Kingdom Theology. As I typed up the list, I realized that there might be some others out there who were wondering the same thing.

To that end, here is my list of the top Kingdom Theology resources. Note that I focused PRIMARILY on resources about Kingdom Theology proper and not on how Kingdom Theology affects how we live our lives. As in, I didn’t included John Wimber’s books on healing or evangelism as they mainly dealt with how Kingdom Theology influences our practical lives and not the theological structure itself.

If you know of other books, audio files, online articles, etc., please post them in the comments below.

Books on Kingdom Theology Proper

1.    Breakthrough: Discovering the Kingdom” by Derek Morphew – This THE BEST book on the subject, IMHO, and should be read by everyone in the Vineyard… Derek is a South African pastor, and theologian who was named the Academic Dean of Vineyard Institute, the online school started by six different national Vineyard Associations across the globe (i.e. USA, UK/Ireland, South Africa, Kenya, Norden, and Benelux). This book has the added bonus of having been translated in to Spanish… (oh, lest I forget, Derek has published several ebooks through Amazon which are great Kingdom Theology resources if you have an e-reader).

2.    “Kingdom Come: How Jesus Wants to Change the World” by Allen M. Wakabayashi – This is a good starter book on Kingdom Theology and what it means to join God in His Mission to redeem all of creation to Himself. Sadly however, Allen fails to take Kingdom Theology outside of the parameters of conservative evangelism (i.e. no signs and wonders or healing prayers in this book, just a focus on Bible studies and living a life devoted to Jesus).

3.    “Gospel of the Kingdom: Scriptural Studies in the Kingdom of God” by George Ladd – Kingdom Theology, as understood by the Vineyard, is deeply indebted to George Ladd and his scholarly work on the kingdom of God. This book is based upon lectures by Ladd given during his time at Fuller Theological Seminary. While a bit scholarly at times, it goes a great overview of the ‘here and not yet.’ However similar to Wakabayashi’s book, Ladd stops short of fully exploring the practical ramifications of Kingdom Theology’s inaugurated eschatology. (For those who really want to dive into Ladd’s writings, try “The Presence of the Future: The Eschatology of Biblical Realism” as it was the book that started it all.)

4.    “The Eclipse of Christ in Eschatology: Toward a Christ-Centred Approach” by Adrio König – This book is out of print now and may be hard to find…however, it is worth the read for whoever can find it. König is a professor of Systematic Theology at the University of South Africa and member of the Dutch Reformed Church, which gives him a slightly different view on the Bible and the kingdom of God.

5. “Start Here: Kingdom Essentials for Christians” by Don Williams – Written for folks who have just started following Jesus, this is a GREAT book for ALL Jesus followers as it summarizes the basic principles of being a Christian. While it is a bit of a topic book, I went ahead and listed it here as Don does a wonderful job of highlighting the value of Kingdom Theology within a very easy to read framework. Don, by the way, is one of the top Vineyard scholars/pastors out there. He was the one, for example, who crafted the Vineyard Statement of Faith.

Online Articles on the Kingdom

1.    “What Is Kingdom Theology?” by Derek Morphew – A short article outlining the basics of Kingdom Theology

2.    “Understanding Vineyard Theology: Introduction & Challenges” , “Kingdom Theology in the Vineyard: Upside Down & Now Not Yet” and “Vineyard Theology Doesn’t Mix with Dispensationalism” are some GREAT posts by Vineyard pastor Luke Geraty on the importance of Kingdom Theology.

3.    “Defining ‘Kingdom of God’: Part 1, 2 and 3 – a three part blog article defining the central message of Jesus by yours truly.

4. “A Vineyard Kingdom Hermeneutic: Pneumatic, Communal, Transformative, and Missional” by Luke Geraty – A paper written by Luke while at the University of Birmingham on how the Vineyard’s focus on the Kingdom effects how we read the Bible. While it contains a bunch of $5 words, it is a good read for those interested in Kingdom Theology.

Kingdom Theology Audio Files

1.    “The Kingdom of God” – a five part sermon by Derek Morphew given at the Vineyard USA Southwest Regional Pastors and Leaders conference held in New Orleans from 5-8 June 2006.

Reading The Bible Through A Kingdom Theology Lens

1.    “God’s EPIC Adventure” by Winn Griffin – A great book which challenges the fragmentation of the biblical story in modern society by teaching the church to understand what “her story is and how to become the people of God living as his recreated humanity.” Winn does a GREAT job at showing how each of the books of the Bible fit within the grand story of the Bible. Winn, by the way, was the founder and director of Vineyard Institute for Ministry as well as the Research Director for Vineyard Ministries International under John Wimber.

2.    “The Biblical Metanarrative: One God, One Plan, One Story” by Bill Jackson – This book traces the main themes of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and is required  reading for all Vineyard Institute students. Bill is a Vineyard pastor, church planter and theologian who has taught at St. Stephen’s University and Vineyard Leadership Institute.

3.    “Drama of Scripture, The: Finding Our Place in the Biblical Story” by Craig G. Bartholomew and Michael W. Goheen – Written by two Redeemer University College professors, this book summarizes the grand story of the Bible in an easy to read narrative prose. Some folks will find this book easier to read than Winn or Bill’s book as it is both physical smaller and shorter in page length.

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  1. Though I am thoroughly Vineyard, I find NT Wright’s “Surprised by Hope” a much more graspable read than Breakthrough or Ladd’s work as a starting point for people. And if that one is even a bit much for certain folks to delve into, a very readable resource is Alan Streett’s “Heaven on Earth.” I winced a a couple of comments in this work, but they were all sidebars/insignificant and I admittedly was going through with a fine-tooth comb.

    1. hmmm… While I’ve read (and loved) NT Wright’s “Surprised by Hope”, I wouldn’t have considered it an intro to Kingdom Theology. I will have to pull it off the shelf and look at it again… Thanks for the insight. =)

      1. “Surprised by Hope” is definitely not a systematic/formal theological approach. The converse is, if I was to suggest one of Ladd’s books or “Breakthrough” to the average pew dweller, I’d lose them right there on furthering such a conversation. In my opinion, such works can be a snooze-fest for someone that doesn’t already wear the geek-badge. Streett’s book is even a bit more basic and approaches things as a hybrid of, say, “Surprised by Hope” and Jackson’s “The Biblical Metanarrative.” They both seem to hit on major concepts within Kingdom theology in a way that can help people consider next steps in both their theology and practice of the Kingdom of God.

        1. I’m going to have to pick up Streett’s book as I’m always looking for books that helps explain Kingdom Theology to Joe Back Pew. At the present time, Allen M. Wakabayashi’s book “Kingdom Come” is my go-to book for that along with Don Williams’ “Start Here” book.

  2. Thanks for the links bro! Wow, didn’t even see these until today. Appreciate it a ton!

    One quick clarification, the paper on Vineyard hermeneutics wasn’t for SVS but was a paper I had to submit to my professors at the University of Birmingham. SVS folks have likely not read it 🙂

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