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A Bit More About Joshua S. Hopping

Joshua is a passionate follower of the Creator King with a missional heart and a love of people. He considers himself a Christian mystic with an emphasis on living out the inaugurated eschatology of Kingdom Theology within one’s daily life. By holding in tension the victory and suffering of the cross, Joshua seeks to embrace the missional journey of following Jesus while knowing that he is saved, being saved, and will one day be saved. Furthermore, he holds to a center set mindset that focus on the personal journey of individual people rather than a one-time event established through doctrine, theology or tradition.

Joshua is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Celtic-Cherokee heritage who grew up in the foothills of the Oklahoma Ozarks and the pine forests of Northeast Texas on the traditional lands of the Caddo Nation before moving west to the high mountain desert lands of the Shoshone-Bannock people in Idaho. Married for over 19 years, he and his wife, Emily, have had the privilege of sharing the love of God with people across three continents and nine countries. In 2006 they moved to Sweet, Idaho, a small rural village in the traditional lands of the Shoshone and Bannock people where they helped start and then led the Sweet Vineyard Christian Fellowship (formerly known as the Payette River Vineyard). They turned the leadership of the church over to a new couple in June 2014 and embarked on a new adventure with the Creator King. In October 2018, they moved to Kuna, Idaho with the goal of creating a faith community focused on helping people explore the mystery of the Creator.

Joshua is the author of The Here and Not Yet: What is Kingdom Theology and why does it matter? (Vineyard International Publishing, 2017) and The Mystery, the Way, and the Journey: Walking into the Darkness of the Unknown (Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2021). He holds a B.S. in Business Administration and minor in Cross-Cultural Studies from LeTourneau University (Longview, Texas) along with a M.A. in Theology and Culture through St. Stephen’s University (St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada). In 2007 Joshua was awarded a certificate of ministry by Vineyard Leadership Institute (VLI).

Following The Spirit Wherever He Goes