The Kingdom of God

In a previous post I mentioned that God has been taking me on a journey concerning the Kingdom of God. While I’m not quite ready to write down everything I’m learning (ie. I’m still sorting things out), I did want to highlight an amazing five part lecture series by Derek Morphew about the Kingdom of God

  1. The Prophetic Promise of the Kingdom (Part 1 & 2 combined)
  2. New Testament Coming of the Kingdom
  3. Sons of The Kingdom
  4. Bringing in The Kingdom

Morphew, as you may remember, is the author of the book Breakthrough as well as a theologian and director of the Vineyard Bible Institute in South Africa. In these lectures, he lays out the basics for Kingdom Theology in a very simple but in depth way.

I STRONGY recommend all five of these lectures
– you can download them now and listen to them later if you want. In fact, you can also download the Morphew’s Power Point presentation for each of the lectures.

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