The Mystery, the Way, and the Journey: Walking into the Darkness of the Unknown

We live in a time of certainty and extremes where questions must be answered and spiritual salvation is centered on a single moment. By drawing on the writings of St. Maximos the Confessor (580–662 CE), this book seeks to introduce the reader to a new, albeit old, way of following Jesus of Nazareth into the darkness of the unknown by embracing the mystery of uncertainty as a way of life in which each person’s journey is different. Interwoven together, the concepts of the Mystery, the Way, and the Journey provide a way forward through the uncertainty of the future by following the path set forth by the ancient church while understanding that we are part of something bigger and older than modern American Christianity.

The Here and the Not Yet: What is Kingdom Theology and why does it matter?

Life is messy and rarely simple.

There are times of victory when things seem to be going really well and times of struggle when things seem to be falling apart. The way we process these ups and downs of life is extremely important as it sets the tone for everything in our lives.

Kingdom Theology provides a worldview that allows us to embrace the tension in which we live. It is a worldview based upon the central message of Jesus that the kingdom of God has come, is coming, will be coming soon, and is delayed.

Written in an easy to read conversational tone, Joshua Hopping’s book, The Here and Not Yet, seeks to develop a scriptural framework for Kingdom Theology before exploring how this worldview changes the way we live. In holding the tensions of life together, we are better able to respond to the challenges of life while following the lead of our king and savior, Jesus of Nazareth.

Online Brand Protection: Proven Strategies for Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in a Constantly Changing Digital Age

There is a lot riding on your company’s brand name. Not only is it who you are, it is the one thing that everyone knows about you. By understanding the value of your brand name, you can protect it from cybercriminals who seek to take advantage of your friends, family, and customers. Rather than waiting for the infringers to attack your company, you can do something about it.

With over 18-years of online brand protection experience, Joshua S. Hopping outlines proven concepts and strategies that will help you develop an online brand protection program that supports your overall corporate mission and goals. A Brand Protection Toolkit is included with charts and checklists necessary in planning out a comprehensive and strategic program.

Following The Spirit Wherever He Goes