Prince Caspian: A Movie Review

It was a random act – an unplanned movement – a situation with no pre-planning. Saturday evening at 9:40 pm and we were walking home after a long day downtown… it was at that time in space that we noticed Prince Caspian was playing at 9:45 pm…. end of story.

Now for the flick

It was great! We both really enjoyed it!  =)

If you have been reading anything on the web about Prince Caspian you will know that they didn't follow the book as close as they did with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The reason for this deviation was legitimate – ie. the book doesn't lend itself to a movie in the sequences that it was written. [@more@]

For example, after we are reintroduced to the Pevensie kids in the book, Lewis goes into a huge back flash telling the story of Caspian. Since this is a little tough to do on the big screen (not counting those really weird flicks that are all back-flashes and leave you wondering what the heck happened).  

Anyway, I digress.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian does a great job in convening the truth of the book. Mainly that God does not deliver His people the same way twice. In fact, Lewis show that God will use the most unlikely person in the world to save His people.

Prince Caspian is a Telmarine prince whose people have ruled Naria for hundreds of years. The Telmarines are a brutal people bend on killing all true Narians – a genocide of massive proportion.

It is this boy that Aslan chooses to deliver the Narians. Kinda reminds you of Moses… raised by an evil king, taught to lead in the best schools, and secretly trained in the ways of the Lord.  

High King Peter

With out spoiling the movie, I really like the way the film deals with pride and self reliance. The flick has High King Peter trying to save the Narians on his own without the help of Aslan. While not in the book, it is perfect as I can see him trying to do this.  In fact, I see myself trying to do this all the time… Undecided

Queen Susan

She is one kick-ass gueen!  That's right, instead of sitting on the side lines and fainting at sight of blood – Queen Susan gets in there and lets the arrows fly!  

Kind Edmond and Queen Lucy

The film didn't really spend much time on these two characters…which I thought was very sad. Yet, the producers where limited by time and a plot line. Tongue out

The Real Hero

It's a sad, sad world when people do not recognize the real hero of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. This is the one character who bravely tackles foes of all types, regardless of size or experience. He serves his people well – so much so that they hold only the greatest love and respect for him.

It is a sign of the decay of the age when the real hero doesn't get much screen time. Instead the movie focuses on the minor characters. sigh. This is another example of Hollywood gone a stray.  There should be a law again this!!!!

What?!!! You don't know who this is this hero is? The one true hero of Narina!? He is ONE who saves all of Naria from the graps of the evil Telmarines!!!  

The entire movie is about him!! That's right – Reepicheep!!!!