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Rock’n Emmett With Brokenness

emmett national day of prayer rallyI failed to mention one important thing yesterday…the catalyst to my post about the National Day of Prayer was my involvement with a National Day of Prayer rally in Emmett (the country seat of my area). This rally was hosted by the Gem County Ministerial Association (i.e. a group of local pastors in the area) and was held in the park across the street from the county courthouse.

I got involved in the rally through some friends who asked me to play the bass guitar with them at the rally. Being a musician, I couldn’t say no (besides, it was a blast jamming with a worship band outside my church – no responsibilities or pastoring duties, just show up and play!)

Yet…I was nervous about the whole thing due to my love-hate relationship with the theme of the rally…. hence my post…

Only I was very, very surprised last night….

Instead of being political charged, the rally was full of brokenness, humility and love.

The event started out with worship before transitioning into a series of prayer sessions on different topics lead by various local pastors and community leaders. And when I say “prayer sessions”, I mean “prayer sessions.” These gentlemen didn’t use their platform for propaganda or self-promotion. They prayed. They truly prayed.

It was amazing to watch…. I mean, two of these guys had their church buildings set on fire last weekend and yet here they were crying out to God for more of His presence. Another one, who was introduced to Jesus while in the military, was crying – almost literally – over the new rules the Pentagon is considering


Just like the Psalmist of old said:

My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit;
    a broken and contrite heart
    you, God, will not despise.
-Psalm 51:17

Yeah…it was a powerful evening capped off by more worship in which the saints of Gem County poured out their hearts to the King of Kings.

Thank you Lord for your people.

Hating and Loving The National Day of Prayer

day of prayerI have a confession to make… I, as a follower of Jesus and a pastor, have love-hate relationship with the National Day of Prayer… I know that believers and pastors all over this country are making a big deal about this day… especially has it happened to land a few weeks after the Boston bombings and a day after the news broke that the Pentagon is thinking about stopping soldiers from sharing their religious beliefs.

Yet…yet…yet…. Sigh….

Part of me knows that anytime folks gather together in prayer it is a good thing… I also know that followers of Jesus are to love and bless everyone around them: their family, friends, enemies, leaders, co-workers, and anyone in-between.

Yet on the other side I really, really, really dislike the way in patriotism for one’s country has embedded itself into Christianity. Sadly enough in some places patriotism and Christianity merged together so much that to talk bad about one’s country is an insult against God and vis a versa. Oh, by the way the USA is not the only place where this has happened. History tells us of many, many countries where this mis-view of the following Jesus has gained control.

The simple fact remains that there has never been a “Christian nation” on planet earth.

Yes, there have been nations who have based some of their laws or customs on principles found in the Bible – but that does not make them a “Christian nation.”

To be a “Christian” is to give yourself 100% to Jesus the Christ. It is follow His example in all things. It is to love and forgive your enemies – to turn the other check; to heal the sick; preach that the Kingdom of God is at hand; it is to die so that others may live. And, well, quite frankly, there has never been a nation or a government that has embodied the character and actions of Jesus.

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