Flyleaf: Memento Mori

I was jamming out to Pandora a few months ago when I noticed a certain band that continued to pop up with some great songs packed with powerful, heartfelt lyrics. As I typically do with new artists I’ve like, I looked up their bios and discover that they, Flyleaf, was comprised of five Jesus followers. Originally threw me for a loop as I was listening to a grudge-alternative music station, which isn’t always known for including Christian bands…

Yet, as I dug deeper I discovered that Flyleaf did things right (well, “right” in my mind) – as in, instead of labeling themselves as a ‘Christian rock band’, which I’m sorry to say is become a fairly water downed genre, they went full bore and signed with a mainstream label and rock the country. Lead singer Lacey Sturm put it this way in May 2010 when asked about being a “Christian rock band” playing in Las Vegas:

“Well, you know what? I don’t know what you mean by a “Christian rock band.” It’s hard to say that because people all have a different definition of what that means. If it means that we’re Christians, then yeah, we’re Christians, but if a plumber’s a Christian, does that make him a “Christian plumber?” I mean we’re not playing for Christians. We’re just playing honestly and that’s going to come out”

Their first album, “Flyleaf”, went platinum in 2005 and their second, “Memento Mori, debuted at number eight on the Billboard 200 in 2009 (it also topped the US Billboard Alternative and Hard Rock Album list not to mention the US Billboard Christian Album).

Yeah, they are that good!

And, as things worked out, I just so happened to be browsing a local book store yesterday when their “Memento Mori” album cover caught my eye. So I bought it (sadly there are times when I’m not online and am in need of some good alternative rock music). =D

Below are some music videos of the album to give you all a taste of the band. Enjoy. =)