Map of The New Vineyard USA Regions

The national office just released a map of the new regions for the Vineyard USA. I have to say that I am surprised that Northern California and Northern Nevada stayed with the Northwest Region as they have enough churches in the area for their own region… but then again I don’t know what criteria they used to split things up. 😕

I was also surprised at first to see North and South Dakotas lumped into the Big Sky region..but when I looked closer I realized that there is only one church in the Dakotas (Custer, SD) – and it’s fairly close to two other Vineyard churches in Wyoming (Gillete and Pine Haven, WY) so that makes sense. (hmm..we need to find some church planters to send out into the Dakotas…)

For those interested, a list of the new Regional Overseas can be found here.