Seven? Four boys, two girls and a piano tuner!

Despite being sick and fatigued (grrr…flu bugs…grrr), today was a phenomenal day as I received a long awaited package. (Ok…perhaps “long awaited” is a tad too melodramatic…but, in an-effort-to-save-face, I did have to wait a full SEVEN days for delivery not to mention the years of reading and penny saving…) πŸ˜›

Now, where were we…oh yes, the package…

This before-mentioned package contained the necessary ingredients to completed my collection of Schlock Mercenary comic books!!! (cue the fan-boy screams!)

For those poor souls sadly out of the loop Schlock Mercenary is THE pioneer sci-fi webcomic out there – not to mention the funniest! Drawn by Howard Tayler, the webcomic has been published online seven-days a week since June 12, 2000 and has racked up an arm full of awards and nominations.

I discovered Schlock Mercenary through my brother in early 2004 (about the time Tayler quite his day-job to become a full-time webcomist) and have faithfully followed it every day for the last eight years (hey, don’t judge me – some people read the newspaper every morning, I just choose to read Schlock…and a few hand full dozen plethora of other webcomics).

Another testimony to my love of all things Schlock is my 2012 Schlock calendar featuring the first twelve maxims from “The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries” (the first being: “Pillage, then burn”).

Maxim 3: An Ordnance Technican At A Dead Run Outranks Everybody

Now to save up the funds for the new Schlock Mercenary board game currently being developed… πŸ˜›

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