Vineyard National Conference Tales: The Power of the Spirit

I went down to the front to pray for folks…. Couldn’t resist the chance to see God work. 🙂

After praying for two people, Brian Anderson had a word from God to pray for anyone who needed the Spirit’s empowerment to do what He has called them to do. At first I wasn’t going to step forward for this call, but then I was like, “why not? I need as much of God as I can get.”

Yeah…that is what started it.

As I closed my eyes and stood there, I felt the Presence of the Lord descend thicker than it was before. My eyes started twitching…my body began to sway…
It felt like someone or something was pulling me forwarded, then pushing me back, then pulling forward – left, right, left, right – in a big circle… only my feet were staying in one place. Well, most of the time, every once in a while, they would shift to keep my balance.

As this was happening, a series of visions were passing through my mind…visions of a particular meeting in Honduras in 2001 when God’s fuego (fire) dropped on the place…Then a time in Belize when I fell over under the power of God – and stayed there for several hours.

Something came up at that time and started praying for me, praying that I would take Jesus’ yoke as it was light and easy. As this person was praying, I saw a field with Jesus pulling a plow – He offered me a spot on His yoke…so we both starting pulling, plowing this field.

Throughout these visions/memories, my body was being pulled around – only now my knees were bent and I was low to the ground. Still standing – still being pulled in a circle – only lower to the ground. Finally I could stand no longer and I fell to my knees, then to my side…

About this time, a tingling came over my body – everything was tingling…especially my right hand and arm…

Then my head began to twitch – going back and forth – over and over and over again….

Memories of my childhood began to flow through my mind – times when I was really little in Tulsa, Ok, at Faith Christian Fellowship when there would be twenty or so people lying on the floor near the front, all overwhelmed by the power of the Spirit.

Memories of getting baptized in a cow trough as a young boy…than back to the memories of Honduras – only this time, it was the bad memories….the once were the people where pushing their beliefs on us…trying to ‘force’ God to ‘zap’ us and make us speak in tongues…the times when team mates were punched in the stomach to make them ‘fall’ under the power….

Then back to the good Honduras meeting when God’s Spirit spoke through me – speaking out prophecies (which have come true, BTW), the speaking of tongues and the interpretation of said tongues by someone else…

It felt like God was telling me that He had been preparing me for this time – that He had trained me to be the pastor I am now…

It felt like God was reminding me of what He has done before so that I could walk forward under His yoke.

It felt like God was showing me where I got ‘hurt’ by Pentecostalism so that He could bring healing to me life.

This is just the first day… they first session of the conference… come Lord, come! I am yours! Do what you will!

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