Vineyard Conference Tales: Recycling Woes

One of the saddest things about the Vineyard National Conference earlier this month was the lack of recycling. Hundreds of plastic water bottles were handed out like candy!

Still sadder was that the one day recycling bins were set up, everyone threw their food trash into them… sigh…

Having brought my trusty metal water bottle with me from Idaho, water was the least of my concerns. Nope, coffee was my bane.

Or, more specifically, the disposable coffee cup used to bring the liquid joy to my mouth.

At first, I started caring around an empty coffee cup and reusing it everything I could…yet that got annoying, and unhygienic…

Then I wondered into the Vineyard Church of North Phoenix’s coffee shop and noticed that they had reusable coffee mugs on sale. Having lost my good mug just before we left on the trip (i.e. Jadon dropped it on the floor and broke it), I decided to pick one up.

Problem solved.

I now could drink all the water and coffee/tea without feeling bad. 😀

2 thoughts on “Vineyard Conference Tales: Recycling Woes”

  1. Totally agree. I wish they had skipped the bags & given us a reusable water bottle so we wouldn’t have had to drink the bottled water, which is on several levels nothing short of evil.

  2. Especially since they were trying so hard to keep us hydrated – it would have ended up being cheaper renting water refill stations and giving out reusable bottles.

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