Our Adoption Story

Fourteen months ago Emily and I adopted the most precious child in the world (Parenting Handbook Rule 1: parents are allowed to make broad, wide sweeping comments about their kids!!).

The journey into the world of adoption was made smooth by the awesome folks at A New Beginning Adoption Agency. I can’t say enough wonderful things about them…the founders are adoptive parents; most of the case workers are adoptive parents; and the birthparent program coordinator is a birthmother herself, having placed her son for adoption when in high school.

In other words, these folks KNOW adoptions – shoot, they LIVE adoptions.

Seeing, therefore, all the help they gave us, we didn’t hesitate when they asked for volunteers to share their open-adoption stories on camera. It was the least we could do to support them and to help others who are on this same journey. Adoption will be a lot for the parents and the child/children to take on, it can be a massive transition and along the way from the start of the process, until the child even grows up, there will be twists and turns for them all to go through. There is help out there at every stage that can be accessed, such as The Adoption Guide for Healthcare Providers Working with Birth Parents, and how parents can ease themselves into the new routine of becoming a parent. Adopting is a selfless and caring thing to do, so any help that can be offered by professionals would be greatly appreciated by those who are in the developmental stages.

With that said, here are a few video clips of us with our son’s birthmother answering some basic questions about the adoption journey and our relationship. More clips of us answering other questions can be found here.

Question: How was the first meeting with the adoptive parents?

Question: What is your relationship like now?