He Is Faithful…

Our lives last week sounded like a bad country song with our washer going out, the car breaking down and both of us falling short of the ‘loving’ spouse deal.

Then it dawned on us – perhaps there’s a spiritual side to all this? After all, we did embark on a church wide 21-day prayer and fasting time(yeah, we can be a tad slow on the up-take)

When this realization hit us, the first think I thought about was a Precious Moments picture inside the first Bible given to me by my parents when I was nine years old. This picture (shown to the right) was of a little solider covered in eggs, rotten fruit and band-aids.

Yet, oddly enough the solider was smiling…

The pat answer would be because he was being beat up on Christ’s behalf…and why that could be true, this time when I looked at the picture I thought of 2 Timothy 2:13:

If we are faithless,
He remains faithful,
For He cannot disown himself.

When we have nothing left to give; when we are at the end of our rope and it takes everything in us to get out of bed – He remains faithful. Not us – Him.

While this post is not to say or to imply that we were at the ‘end of our rope’ – for it would take a little more then a few repair jobs and high emotions to do that – I am saying that in the midst of craziness of life, in the midst of spiritual attacks (for we do have an enemy), we can find comfort knowing that Jesus will remain faithful to us even when we can’t seem find a mustard seed of faith within us.

The Rest of the Story…

As recognized the source of the attack and prayed accordingly, the Lord’s faithfulness grew ever brighter as peace returned to the house.

The church became the church as folks volunteered to do our laundry while we wait for our new front-load washer to be delivered (I’m tired of old used appliances!). Someone else came over yesterday to help diagnosis the problem with our car – only to find that it seemed to have fixed itself (we are guessing that the cold whether caused the oxygen sensor and injectors to misfire…well, I should say, the friend who came over guessed that as I don’t have a clue!).

Ah, the faithfulness of God. May He receive all the glory and honor.