Start Here: Kingdom Essentials For Christians by Don Williams

The first phrase that came to mind when I sat down to review Don Williams’ new book Start Here was: “It is the new Mere Christianity”.

It may sound crazy, but that is what it is…Don Williams follows in the foot steps of CS Lewis in trying to put and describe the mysterious and wonderful event of being resurrected into a new life. The life of Christ.

It all started when Rich Nathan, Columbus, Ohio Vineyard Church, asked Williams to write a book for new believers. Yet, it couldn’t be just any book – it needed to bring to light the fullness of the Kingdom of God. In that vain, Williams wrote a book full of Kingdom language.

For example, in the first chapter, “What’s Happened to Me?”, Don Williams explains that once a person has accepted Christ as their personal savior, they have now been “delivered from Satan’s kingdom” and into “God’s kingdom”.  It is an “exchange of sovereignties.” [@more@]

We are no longer our own. We belong to Christ and He is our Ruler and King. As such, we must only do what He says. That is the foundation of Faith.

From this foundation, Williams takes the reader on a journey from “Life in the Kingdom” to the “Call to Kingdom Ministry” onward to “The Road Marked ‘Suffering’” and “Kingdom Power”, ending with the “Community of the King” and “You’re in the Kingdom Now.”

Please note that while this book was written for those new in the Faith, it is also one that should be read by believers of all ‘ages’. For me personally, it called to remembrance the reason why I walk the path that I do: the grace of God and for the love of a King.