Reflections on the 2012 Vineyard Northwest Regional Conferences (continued)

Worship at the pastor's luncheon before the conference (what can I say? we all love worship.)

The thing I love the most about Vineyard conferences is the worship. There is just something powerful about a group of people passionate about worship and pursuing the presence of God.

Yes, this same level of passion can happen in the local church (and SHOULD happen!). Sadly, however, it doesn’t always happen as Sunday mornings are full of people from all kinds of backgrounds and places on the journey towards Jesus – all of which can serve as distractions from the main goal of throwing our lives down at the feet of Jesus. (not to mention the busyness that comes with setting up chairs, preparing to preach, brand practice, etc…)

Those who typically attend pastors and leaders conferences are, well, fully sold out for Jesus and, for the most part, don’t have the inhibitions that normally keep people from actively worshiping the Lord. As such, these conferences are hotbeds of powerful worship! At this particular conference, each main session started with 45 minutes to an hour of worship and ended with half hour ministry/worship. (and NO ONE complained about the length or the song selections!)

It was awesome!!!


Life giving!!!

I could dance all I wanted to without worrying about the sound system or playing the bass guitar!! It was just me and Jesus bouncing off the walls in an intimate embrace!!

Much happiness!!!!!! 😀

The Vancouver Vineyard building had a huge front area just prime for dancing (and they thought it was for ministry time?!)