SCUBA Regulator

God is amazing! Yesterday after work I met up with some friends from Seattle who were visiting the area. Originally we were going to hit the water and do some SCUBA diving as we used to dive together years ago before they moved. As a big scuba enthusiast, I was really looking forward to getting back in the water. If you haven’t done scuba before, I’d definitely recommend making sure you get some womens wetsuits and go diving at some point in your life. It’s such a great rush and this is why I was so excited to go diving with my friends again. Sadly, however, we had to call of the dive due to an eye infection… “(

Yet we did get to have a wonderful chat in a local coffee shop, remembering old times and the years that have went by. In some ways the chat was even better than the proposed dive as we had a chance to hear each other’s hearts – not to mention the occasional SCUBA tale. πŸ˜›

Near the end of our visit the unexpected happened – they gave me a regulator!!!!! (Be still my heart!!!)

For those of you not familiar with diving, the regulator is THE most valuable and important piece of equipment on a dive. Its job is to connect the diver with the air tank as well as provides air to the diver’s BCD or Buoyancy Compensator Device (i.e. the vest the diver wears to control their depth). All very, very, very important tasks…

And now, thanks to the generosity of God’s people, I have one – which will go a long ways in helping me get back into the water on a regular basis. (I had stop diving a few years ago due to the cost and logistics of renting equipment….)

Now all I need to get is an air tank and a dive suit (either a 7mm wetsuit or a dry suit)… time to start monitoring craigslist! πŸ˜€