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Education Fundraiser: A Support Request

St. Stephens UniversityOver the last 18-years, a lot of you have supported me on mission trips across nine countries on three continents. I am tremendously honored and blessed that you all would trust and believe in me enough to do this. Where one would fail, many succeeded and the message of the Kingdom was proclaimed.

I now ask for your support once again. Only this time instead of a two week mission trip, I am asking for your help in pursuing the Master of Ministry degree that God told me to go after. It is a strange request I know as folks don’t normally ask for this type of thing…but I know I can’t do it alone, hence my plead to you all for your help.

Regular readers will note that I have been talking about St. Stephen’s University (SSU) for many years…and how hard I tried to attend their classes in the Fall of 2013….There was a period in time when I almost gave up on the dream, but the Lord would not let it go. As such, I reached out to SSU and committed to attending classes in Sept 2015. Now I just need to the funds to get there…

Which is where you all come in. 🙂

I have created a PayPal account that is connect to a special educational bank account to accept donations for this endeavor (button below). To help with accountability, I have asked a trustworthy friend, Dr. Larry Pew, to oversee this back account with me to make sure that all donations go to school related expenses. I am also willing to provide a copy of the bank statements to anyone who donates funds as I strive to live as transparent as possible.

As far as the cost goes, the Master of Ministry program is broken into four modules with each module costing approximately $4,000 each. This means that the entire program is about $16,000, which is a steal of a deal for a Masters program (a Masters degree at Fuller Theological Seminary, for example, runs upwards of $27,000).

Below is a breakdown of the costs for the first module:

$2,500 Tuition
$124 Lodging for two weeks
$124 Meals for two weeks
$120 Canada Study Permit
$173 Bus transport (airport to school)
$650 Airplane Ticket
Total: $3,691

Thank you all in advance for your support – both financially and pray wise. Blessings.