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Serenity/Firefly Fanboy

I admit it – I’m a fanboy.

If I had any creative genes at all, I would totally create a Captain Mal costume…sadly, all those genes jumped ship years ago.

The ones remaining have decided to take up residence in the deepest, darkest part of my brain – surfacing rarely (granted, when they do surface they ususally show up wearing party hats and blowing noise makers… leading me to the conclusion that Jack’s Party Shop had a close out sale).

Did I mention that I just received copies of the two newest Serenity comic books?

I apologize if I have not for that is what all the excitement is about (that and Jack’s had a killer sale on noise makers!).

Now to return home so that I may enjoy the literary and artistic aromas drifting up from these books.

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman: Don’t Read-Just Watch the Film

A few years ago I watched this cool movie called The League of Extraordinary Gentleman with Sean Connery. Seeing that the movie was good, I decided to check out the graphical novels on which the movie was based…

Bad mistake. Frown

The comic books are horrible. Ok – maybe that it too strong of a word considering that the art is very, very well done. It was the “sub-plot” crap that gave me grief. If only the writers would have stuck to the main plot line – then it they would have been excellent.

Sigh. Undecided

My advice: watch the movie but stay away from the source material.

Serenity: Better Days #1

I'm so happy!!!! Laughing I'm now an official nerd – or fanboy, if you would prefer. Sunday I received the first of a three part comic book series about Firefly. (it even came in a cool plastic cover – shiny!)

Written by Joss Whedon, Serenity: Better Days #1 is a wonderful comic book based between the end of the Firefly TV series and the movie Serenity. I would tell you more, but I don't want to ruin it for you. Tongue out

If your mouth is watering, you too can own this piece of history – all for $2.99 (plus shipping and handling). All you need to do is go to this website and order your copy TODAY

Note that this is an independent rant by the author of this blog with no connections to the above said websites or publishers. The author is just out of his mind.

oh – in the back of comic, there's a nice comment foretelling of another comic book series called The Shepherd’s Tale. This series will be focused on Shepherd Book's life BEFORE Firefly!!! Pretty Shiny!! Cool

One last Firefly titbit – this is the second Firefly comic book series written by Joss. The first one was Serenity: Those Left Behind – written in 2005 (before the movie). I had the previlege of reading this one a few weeks ago and, while not as good as the TV show, it is really good. In fact, it gives you a better lay-of-the-land leading up to the movie.[@more@]

So I was mistaken – there is one more Firefly titbit. Tongue out  I re-discovered a cool Serenity desktop picture at FireflyFans.net.


Calling all Browncoats!

Joss Whedon is writing and publishing three comic books based in the Firefly universe:

[@more@]I would also like to mention Joss’ previous Firefly comic book published in 2006: Serenity: Those Left Behind. This book deals with the time between the last Firefly episode and the movie Serenity.

A wonderful friend loaned this book to me last week, and it ROCKS!!! The only disappointment being that it’s in book form instead of video… *sigh*