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I was Farmin!!

traffic jamWeeds and dirt. oh – and a machine with lots of teeth.

Yesterday was the start of a love/hate relationship with the soil and weather of Idaho.

Yelp – we are planting a garden.

Only, it is not on our property as originally planned – it is next door at my neighbors place. She has a nice garden spot where she has been farmin for years. Only this year she is unable to work the land like she is used to…so Em and I decided to help her out.

We prepare the land and she helps with the watering and picking. A win-win deal. Laughing[@more@]

Shoot – we are thinking about hosting a "community garden" there as the plot is big enough to grow a TON of food. We are not sure who, if anyone, is going to join us…but we are offering. Smile

So, yesterday we broke out the tiller and started turning the soil – trying to chop up all the weeds that grew up over the winter and spring.

It was slow going…well, until we were told to stop. Frown

Our neighbor has found someone with a tractor who is willing to disk the whole thing….

Roofing Leaks…

Nine hours. Nine cold, snowy, cold, long hours.

That’s how long it took me to repair a leak in the roof. A lot of people told me I should have just hired a good Roofing Company for the job, and I’m starting to think that they were right. The sad part was that I was planning on having it done in five hours…. sigh. Undecided

The good news is that I learned how to repair a roof leak. Smile

Kind of.

The “roof leak” wasn’t really a “leak” – well, technically, it was on the roof and it did leak – but it wasn’t like a “real leak”. Long story short, we are on the lookout for a new roof, but we will have to find a Demolition Sydney service to remove the exisiting roof first.

This “fake” leak was a portion of the roof that did not get shingled when the house was build. As such, it was really easy to find and decently easy to repair. If the job had been a bit more complicated I would have strongly considered bringing forward our plans to renovate the roof. I had already found the ideal contractors by searching roofing Roanoke online.

“Decently easy” is a nice way of saying that “I ripped out and replaced the plywood; tarred the heck out of the wood, metal, shingles and anything else in the way.”

Now that I know how to do it, if it ever happens again I’ll be able to resolve the issue. However, spending nine hours up on the roof again doesn’t sound ideal to me, especially in bad weather conditions…maybe I’ll just contact a roofing contractor like Bordner Home Improvement if there is a next time!

Now if only I can find the “real leak” by the skylight… the one with the shingles and stuff. Undecided

Construction or Football?

I had a choice Sunday:

  • Watch the biggest football game of the year (with a nail biting end)  – OR –
  • Work on building a shop.

At the risk of having my “man” card revoked, I choose to work on the shop.

Do you know the crazy part?  I HAD TONS OF FUN!!

Yelp – it was better then watching $3 million ads.

Better then watching some crazy guys hit their heads against each other in search for a pigskined grass line.

Sigh. Here is my “man” card. Take it.[@more@]

I’m joining the “none” group.  

Who are the “none” group? They are the folks who fail to fall into the stereotypical, marketing crap that drives the greed machine of the global economy. (yes – we caused the economical collapses, by buying within our means and rejecting….. wait a minute?  How did I get so far off topic…  Undecided sigh.

Anyway. I worked on my shop this weekend and made very good progress – as you can see from the pictures.

I even have the really, really cool peg boards to hang things on. All I need now is a black marker to draw outlines. Tongue out

We Have A Pantry!!!

There is much rejocing in the Ardell household!

After two and a half long, long years – the wife now has a HUGE pantry to storage items (she laid in bed last night till the early dawn hours planning how to use it!!)

For those who did not get to see the orignal pantry, let me descripe it real quick. Look at the picture to the right – see where the small 8in shelves meet the larger ones?  

That is where the orignal pantry stopped. Yelp, I busted out a wall and added 18 square feet of usable space. Much happiness!  Laughing

In addition to adding space for bulk food items, the recycling bins now have a home – as do the broom (you can barely see them on your right).

oh – look at the floor!

NO – not your floor!!!! The floor in the picture!!

Some people…sigh.[@more@]

The floor in the picture, look at it – I'm very proud of the fact that I found a nice 8 by 4 piece of wood grain flooring on sell. It goes great with the wood floor in the kitchen and dinning area…well.. the color is off, but it's wood grain! Cool

And the coolest part – automatic can dispensers!

Yelp – take off the first can and the second one will roll down to take its place. Laughing  

It's a great idea I stole off a friend who build some similar shevles for his wife. 

ah.. life is good. Cool

Pantry, Pantry on the Wall….

Sometimes the simplest projects take the longest… then again, maybe it’s the builder? Undecided

This weekend was spent listening to Lenka, Chieftains,     Zoegirl, Au Bella, and the Corrs while painting our new pantry.

It was pretty fun…except that when I stopped and realized how weak I was…

Did you know that a paint brush weights 10 pounds? It’s true!!! well…as least according to my arms….sigh

Well, at least the music was good. Undecided

hmm… the picture is a bit too long… now I need some filler to make it look smaller.

Maybe if I type another line or two… of course, I could make the pic smaller…but what would the point be? 

or I can delete it? who wants to see a buy sitting under a staircase holding a brush? Tongue out

The Package Has Been Sent

Many months ago I bought a plumbing toilet for the basement only to discover that it did not meet code. Since then, it has been sitting in my garage waiting for me to do something with it…

Finally I got up the nerve to post it on eBay (the packaging and shipping of the toilet scared me a bit)… Sadly, it did not sell.

So I lowered the price by $50 and tried again. This time, it sold!  

The great part is that the buyer was pretty quick on the draw and paid the asking a day after the auction ended. This allowed me to swing by FedEx and ship the item.  

All in all, I re-gained 57% of the cost of the boat anchor. Not to shabby. Money mouth

The New Basement

Yelp. It is done. And it only took me two years, 22 minutes and 17 seconds. Well…. At least that’s what my fingers think. Cool

The only thing I can think to say is “Praise the Lord!”



The back wall looks a bit green in this picture, but in real life it’s more of an off-white. Oh, do you see the two couches God gave us?[@more@]


 This is my very special reading nook…only I haven’t added the books yet… =? 


 The view back towards to the staircase leading to the living room

God also gave us a new recliner and a cool kids game table. =)


 The new bedroom: complete with skirt

Basement Update 50 Million and 5

We spend half of the Memorial Day weekend working on the basement (the other half was split between driving and hanging out with friends). Below are some pictures of the newly sheetrocked basement:

This is the corner of the basement where my reading nock will be – you can see the edge of the bookshelve on the left. [@more@]

Here is a better view of the bookshelve I build into a 2×6 wall. It was a lot of work to build it, but it's going to be so worth it!

This is a picture from the 'family room' looking towards the new bathroom and laundry room

If you want to see more pictures, check out this album: sheetrock

Basement Update #2541

At least it seems like its update #2541… Undecided

Today I have good news: we have past both the plumbing inspection and the building inspection. This means we can start laying sheetrock whenever we want!!!  Praise the LORD!!  Things are starting to come together. Laughing

*the-sound-of-a-breath-being-released*   It feels good to have those inspections done….  now we can start covering things up and making it look pretty. Laughing

Onward we go.

A Good Day

Sitting in big easy chair by the fireplace in my favorite coffee shop – a cup of Vanilla Moon and "authentic" Chai mixture in hand – I realized that it was a good day.

I felt relaxed for the first time in a long time. Maybe it was the relaxing evening set up last night by my glorious bride – or the sleep – I don't know. All I know is today… today is a good day.

You see for the past two or three weeks I have been getting comments like "are you ok?" or "what's wrong?"  Nothing throws you off quite like comments like that… especially when you think your doing fine. =/

Monday I finally admitted to feeling a bit "off"…

It's funny… you go into ministry for love of One Person, but the longer your in "the ministry" – the more you "fall out" of love with that Person…. Yet if you truly love Him – you will do things…. good things… things that count…

It's almost like your walking a tightrope over a canyon with arrows flying on one side and bullets on the other….

The guys in my Bible study said "take a break. Don't do so much".  Yet… how do you sit by and do nothing when your heart breaks?  Yes – you have to use wisdom…. but when does "too much" become "too much"?[@more@]

Today was a good day.

Nice chair. Excellent tea. My mind finally understands the book I reading.

Not to mention that the plumbing inspector past our basement bathroom. Our accountant called with good info. Shoot – the fact that he called was good.

Yet, at the end of the day… at the end of the day, it is the truffle that counts.

The man who truly and disinterestedly enjoys any one thing in the world, for its own sake, and without caring twopence what other people say about it, is by that very fact fore-armed against some of our subtlest modes of attack. You should always try to make the patient abandon the people or food or books he really likes in favour of the "best" people, the "right" food, the "important" books. I have known a human defended from strong temptations to social ambition by a still stronger taste for tripe and onions.

-CS Lews, Screwtape Letters