Creative Church Conference (July 25-27)

creative church conferenceWhat is the Creative Church Conference?

  • Creative:  The way you were born: in the image of God, with enjoyment for creating.
  • Church:  Where two or more are gathered in Jesus’ name.
  • Conference:  A time to learn, share, be inspired, and inspire others.

In 2012 a handful of art ministers launched a small conference in Boise, Idaho, to gather like-minded artists who follow Christ and also care about the glory of God being reflected in local churches. The conference was an overwhelming success. Artists were encouraged and refreshed, non-artists discovered their creative potential, pre-Christian artists were introduced to the Artist who designed them, Christ was glorified, and lives were changed.

This year’s Creative Church Conference will be hosted at the Vineyard Boise with a focus on “community.” We’ll experience the beauty of God when it comes to the arts He created. Seasoned art ministry leaders will bring community to the forefront as they provide wisdom and insight on being the body of Christ. Our workshops will put this into practice as together we explore creative applications of ministering to one another through the arts, and share practical lessons learned from our mistakes. Please take these opportunities to share your knowledge with us!While the conference is coming up fast, it is not too late to attend.

Check out the Creative Church Conference website for more information.