sorrowLuke 19:28-48

Entry into Jerusalem

•    Jesus has finally reached Jerusalem

o    He has been walking towards the capital since Luke 9:51 – when a Samaritan village refused to let him path through because he was going to Jerusalem
o    Luke 18:31-34 Jesus told his followers that he was going to Jerusalem to die

•    It was an emotional day
•    Jesus sent two of this followers into Bethphage to get a colt

o    A great example of faith and following the words of Jesus!

•    As Jesus rides into Jerusalem the crowds starts singing praises

o    A blessings from Psalms 118:26

•    They also lay down their cloaks and wave palm branches

o    A sign of respect for the coming of a king

•    Zechariah 9:9

o    God will judge the nations around Israel
o    Jerusalem will shout in triumph for her King will come
o    The people of Judah and Israel (the northern tribes) will be delivered because of the blood of the convent with God

•    Some of the Pharisees told Jesus to stop the crowds

o    Jesus said that if he did, the stones would cry out
o    Reminds me of Romans 8 in which Paul says that creation itself awaits the coming King
o    Psalms 19 also talks about creation declaring the glories of God

Cries over the City

•    As Jesus drew near the city, he stops and begins to weep
•    As he cries, he gives a prophecy about Jerusalem and the nation

o    If they would have recognized Him, they would have had peace
o    But now peace is hidden from them
o    War and pain would be their lot and the city would be destroyed

•    This happened in 70 AD when the people of Israel revolted against the Roman Empire

o    They were catching another Messiah
o    They thought that they could send up God’s Kingdom by themselves

Cleanses the Temple

•    Jesus then enters the temple area and begins to drive out the money exchangers in the Temple
•    We must remember that the money exchangers had a purpose

o    The Torah tells the people of Israel to bring livestock to the Temple to sacrifice
o    This was during a time when all of Israel lived within the same geographical area
o    They were now scattered across the Roman Empire
o    They couldn’t bring livestock
o    So they brought money from their various countries and areas that could be exchanged for livestock or for the Temple coin

*    A special coin to pay the Temple tax

•    The problem wasn’t with what they were doing persay as much as it was that they lost their focus
•    The focus stopped being worshiping God and on the business

o    They forgot that the house of God was to be a place of prayer
o    In fact, most likely the area in which they had set up shop was the Court of the Gentiles
o    A place left open for Gentiles to come and pray to God as set up by King Solomon

For Us

•    We need to pay special attention to this passage
•    In a lot of ways we, the church in the USA, has missed the King who has come into our midsts
•    We have set up a sub-culture within the greater culture similar to what the Pharisees and the Israelites did

o    We have Christian bookstores
o    Christians TV
o    Christians Radio
o    Christians clubs
o    Christians Facebooks
o    Etc

•    We have huge ‘temples’ focused on stuff
•    It is not that this stuff is necessary bad or evil – for it is not

o    It is the fact that we have exchanged God for it
o    Our stuff – our way of life is more important than obeying the words of God