Top 12 Resources From the Vineyard UK/Ireland in 2012

Each week the Vineyard UK/Ireland AVC uploads some new resources for the church – either ones they re-discovered in their vaults or new material recently released. In celebration of the year just finished, they posted a summary of the top 12 popular resources.

Here is a quick list of the resources in reserve order along with a few of my notes. Feel free to navigate over to the main article for more details as well links to specific resources.

12. Creative Evangelism // Alan Scott

11. Developing Fearlessness // Robby Dawkins

A short video by Robby on being willing to risk everything – including looking like an idiot – to tell people about Jesus. What are we willing to risk to share the message of Jesus?

10. Burned for the Bible // James Mumford

9.  Kids Can Too // Nigel & Jo Hemming

Children are not the church of tomorrow – they are the church of today!! The church in general needs to move past ‘babysitting’ kids on Sunday and allow them to participate in the mission of God as a fully functional member of Christ’s body.

8.  Why bother with theology in the Vineyard // Jason Clark

This is a written article based upon a talk Jason gave last year. It is a well thought out article about the importance of theology in our daily lives – give it a read!

7. Songs that reflect a season of the church // Kathryn Scott

6. Everybody gets to play // John Mumford

A great article by the National Director of the Vineyard UK/Ireland on the value of allowing everyone to participate in the mission of God.

5. Serving our Communities // Alan Scott

4.  Lessons in Worship Leading // Kathryn Scott

3.  I’m a Fool for Christ, whose fool are you? // John Wimber

If you have never heard John Wimber’s personal testimony on how he met Jesus, you definitely need to download this file and listen to it! Shoot, it is even worth listening to again and again as it highlights some of the underlining values of the Vineyard Movement.

2.  Essential Wimber // John Wimber

Free MP3 downloads or streaming of five great teachings by John Wimber – Power Evangelism (1 and 2), Spiritual Gifts 5-Step Healing Model and the Kingdom of God. All good resources to have on hand.

1. Hear the Sound of our Worship // Nigel Briggs

An amazing article about the power and reason why we gather to worship every week. As Nigel says, “The songs we sing can have an effect on our response, and the journey of a worship set can help take us to a deeper place of connection with God…Collective worship in its true sense is about giving ourselves to God, ‘You’re worthy, and I’m not.’”