The Barefooted Elected Bishop of Wellington

This past Sunday Reverend Justin Duckworth was officially elected as the Anglican Bishop of Wellington (New Zealand’s capital city).

What makes this appointment so amazing is that Justin is known for his pioneering work at the Ngatiawa contemporary monastery as well as with Urban Vision, a ministry that focuses on the “margins of mainstream society, and doing justice in the midst of urban poverty.”

In a lot of ways, this appointment is a statement to the world that the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia is serious about following Jesus and loving those on the margins.

In fact as I was listening to Justin to the below interview, I was getting excited and pumped as this guy just oozes the compassion and mercy of Jesus coupled with the life giving power of the Word of God.  I cannot wait to hear what King Jesus does in Wellington and the surrounding area!

(FYI – here’s another great video about Justin and this work at Ngatiawa by a local news station. This one actually shows the monastery and what they are doing while the above video is simply an interview.)

May the Lord of Lords guide Rev. Justin on his next adventure in loving people and sharing the Good News of Jesus. Blessings and peace.

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