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A site I have been following recently asked for blog suggestions as they were looking for some new sites to follow. In thinking about that, I decided to list out some of my favorite blog sites for your reading pleasure. Note however that this is a very small list as I have over 80 sites on my RSS feed… yeah, I’m strange that way!  😛

Vineyard Related:

  • Jason Clark – Jason is a Vineyard church planter in SW London, UK, as well as a teacher at George Fox Seminary and a PhD student in theology at Kings College London. He has some great thoughts and conversations on the church, culture, mission, and theology in general.
  • WordHavering – Written by Mike Freeman, a Vineyard Boise (Idaho) pastor, this blog full of amazing “musings/haverings on God, theology, the Bible and the occasional movie.” While it may sound cliche, I would have to say that Mike’s style of write is refreshing and warm to the eyes.
  • As I See It… – Marty Boller is the pastor of the Cedar Rapids, IA, Vineyard church and has been exploring ways to move from focusing on size of a church building, money in the bank account and/or the number of folks attending to really, truly following Jesus and being missional to our communities
  • Peace Catalyst International – Peace Catalyst is an organization seeking to “stimulate peacemaking between individuals and between peoples.” Most of the articles are written by Rick Love, a truly peaceful and loving man, who severs as a consultant for Christian-Muslim relations in the Vineyard, USA.
  • Brambonius’ blog in English – Brambonius is a Belgium Vineyard guy who writes some eye opening posts about Jesus, Christianity and the Bible through a European worldview.
  • Carl Medearis – Carl is an international expert in the field of Arab-American and Muslim-Christian relations as well as the author of “Speaking of Jesus(one of the best books ever!). The thing I love about Carl is his passionate love for Jesus and the ability to separate the culture of “Christianity” from following the person of Jesus. Well worth the read!
  • Verse&Verse – A wonderful blog full of heart felt poems and deep views on following Jesus. It is written by Steven Hamliton who currently in the process of launching a Jesus community in urban Pittsburgh. He is also deeply involved with the Vineyard Anti-Slavery Team.
  • Captain’s Blog – Written by Chad Estes, this blog just oozes the freedom, mercy and love of Jesus to all people at all times. It is definitely a good site to have on your RSS feed.

Wider Christianity:

  • Fors ClavigeraJames K. A. Smith’s personal blog site with tons a great articles and reflections on Christianity and the Bible. Note that James is a Pentecostal Philosopher currently teaching at Calvin College.
  • Jesus Creed – This is a fairly famous blog so you all may know about it…It is written by Scot McKnight, who is an author, scholar and professor, and has some great articles on life, Jesus, Christianity and the culture in which we are living.
  • Storied Theology – Written by Fuller New Testament professor J.R. Daniel Kirk, this blog is great for learning how to read the Bible through a narrative hermeneutics versus the typical systematic theological view.
  • Tall Skinny Kiwi – This is a great resource for learning about what Jesus is doing around the world, especially within areas/cultures not normally reached by the traditional church. It is written by Andrew Jones, a legend in emerging/missional church groups and a really nice gentlemen.
  • Red Letter Christians – Ran by Tony Campolo, this blog includes multiple articles and posts by a wide variety of folks including, Jim Walls, Joe McCough, Brian McLaren, Shane Claiborne, and Christian Piatt. While I don’t always agree with everything written, it is help in understanding the wider movement of Jesus in the USA.
  • Roger E. Olson – Roger is an evangelical Arminian Baptist theologian currently teaching at Baylor University in Texas. I really enjoy this blog as it gives a different perspective on things since most writings out there seem to come from a Calvinist viewpoint.

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