Asia Summit Debrief

The last few days have been crazy!!!

Just about every spare minute was used talking to people, building relationships, and networking with folks from 15 different nations. Worshiping the Lord with these guys and gals gives one a picture of heaven – the nations rejoicing and praising the King Most High!

The focus of the conference as been the Vineyard Values – with each of the main sessions tackling one of the five core values of the Vineyard. Phil Strout, the new Vineyard USA National Director, spoke Tuesday night about the Kingdom of God and following the King.

Wednesday morning saw a panel of speakers from various nations talk about and answer questions concerning being a reconciling community. That evening a lady from the Philippines spoke about compassionate ministry using stories from her life and the people in her church.

We ‘played’ Thursday morning with folks going swimming, shopping, or sleeping. But that evening we were right back at it with a session on culturally relevant mission. Or we were suppose to have a panel talking about that… God had other plans as we spend the evening worshiping, praying for each other, and basically experiencing the presences of God.

Phil Strout ended the summit meeting with a great, but tough, talk on experiencing God through the cup given to us by the Lord. This cup could be one of suffering or joy, bitterness or love, fame or shadow, wealth or poverty…. like I said, it was a tough but needed message.

Actually that phrase, “Tough but needed”, sums up this entire week fairly well. I have had to have some tough conversations on some hard issues this week…yet at the same time, God’s presences have guided me and blessed me – allowing His heart of love and compassion to shine through the issues and conversations.

I have also had a good time meeting new people from around Asia and hearing their stories about what God is doing through and in them. Yeah, this has been a good week. 😀

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