Soul Care via a Fishin’ Rod

Floating Squaw Creek with dad

One of the struggles of being a bi-vocational pastor is the lack of ‘down’ time – I spend all week in front of a computer working only to get up early Saturday morning to study and type out a sermon.

Today I decided to do something different – I decided to go fishing with my father.

And wow, was it refreshing to the soul! There is just something powerfully healing about relaxing amidst the beauty of God’s creation….

We didn’t catch anything…but like I mentioned before, the purpose wasn’t really to catch any fish.

The main purpose was to get out of the house, out of the office, and to allow my soul to be strengthened through contact with God’s land.

Now to prepare for Sunday….

Preparing to cast...

Reagan's Butte as seen from the Payette River

2 thoughts on “Soul Care via a Fishin’ Rod”

  1. Too bad you didn’t catch anything – now you’ll just have to try again! haha! Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing!

    1. =) I’m TOTALLY going to do it again! Hopefully it will become a Saturday routine as it really helped re-focus my soul.

      Only, in the future I will have fish from the bank as we borrowed the boat and have to return it. =(

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