“Wild Goose Chase” by Mark Batterson

I first heard about Mark Batterson’s book “Wild Goose Chase” about a year ago from a friend who knew of my vision to follow the Wild Goose (i.e. the Holy Spirit) to Sweet, Idaho. Being near a bookstore at the time, I bought the book that same day…

But I didn’t read it.

Oh, I tried to read it. It sat by my bed side for months – a silent monument to an impulse purchase… Shoot, I even tried reading it out loud to my wife as we navigated the joys of a newborn baby.

It didn’t last…

Months when by…then came Christmas of 2010 and the news that God was leading my good friend and pastor BH away from the Payette River Vineyard. Right behind this bombshell was the shockwave that God was calling Emily and me to be the next pastors of this stalwart family…

A few days later – once my head stopped spinning – I remembered this small book tucked away next to my bed. Digging through the bedside table, I found it and started reading.

The time was right; it held a jewel that I needed at that moment.

You see, Mark Batterson’s book “Wild Goose Chase” is all about joining God in His crazy goose chase of an adventure. It is about God breaking us out of our cages to follow the Wild Goose on His adventure even when it doesn’t sound wise or good according to human standards and wisdom.

In reading this book at this time…well…it was as if God was telling me that this was Him. I just had to let go of my plans and follow Him deeper into the Wild Goose Chase called life.

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