Corn, Corn – Oh My – Lots of Corn – Shall We Freeze It?

Ah, corn. Good old sweet corn – and bees. 

Yelp – bees. 

It is amazing thing, but without bees you can not have a garden – or, actually, you can have a garden, but you wont be harvesting a lot….  Undecided

Luckly for us we have lots of bees in our garden – meaning that we have lots of corn to harvest…

This of course, brings it own set of problems – namely the fact that two people can not eat that much corn… Undecided[@more@]

So we decided to blanch and freeze a buch of ears. Cool








Start by shucking the corn – unless you want to eat frozzen corn husks… Once the water is boiling, put the corn ears into the water and let boil for about 10 minutes (depending on the diameter of the corn ears).

After the 10 minutes, dunk in ice cold water for 10 minutes and then dry. 


 Wrap in alumninum foil and then place inside a frezzer bag. Place in freezer for a few months and then enjoy wonderful home grown corn in the middle of the winter. Cool