Casino Royale: A Film Review

Continuing with my recent 007 kick – we recently watched the 2006 film Casino Royale.

It was a great movie. It’s the kind of movie that makes you want to find some Netent casinos not blocked and pretend to be James Bond while playing for stakes not quite as large as 007 is in the film.

Granted, we kind of messed up in that we watched sequel – Quantum of Solace – first… but even though we knew the ending, it was still a fun film to watch.

In fact, I think Daniel Craig is the best James Bond on film yet – beating Sean Connery in that Craig’s Bond is more gritty and real then Connery’s 007….

Of course, part of that is the shift in culture where people, myself in included, tend to like our film heroes a little more “real” – meaning that they have to deal with internal struggles just as much as external.  [@more@]

Hmm……I guess it would be the differentness between John Wayne and Jason Bourne. One is solid as a rock while the other is…well…anything but solid.

But, back to Bond. In watching the extras there was several comments about the depth and complex character created by Ian Fleming in the book Casino Royale (which was the first Bond book). This took me by surprise as the Bond of Diamonds Are Forever was fairly flat.

It makes me wonder if Fleming didn’t tone down the character of James Bond in his later books as the fame of series was able to carry the book sales…. I guess I will have to read Casino Royale. Smile