Beer Summit: American or Foreign?

Today is the much anticipated "Beer Summit" between President Obama, Cambridge police sergeant Jim Crowley, and Harvard Professor Henry Gates.

Unlike most peace summits, the main issue at hand today is what the hand is holding.: Is it an America brew? Or a foreign beer?

Not to worry, America's dedicated investigative news reporters have discovered that Professor Gates will have a Jamaican Red Stripe while Sergeant Crowley enjoys a South African-Canadian Blue Moon. The USA Commander-in-Chief will being holding the American Belgian brewed Bud Light.

As to be expected, local American breweries are upset with the choices. After all, shouldn't famous people disregard their taste buds and promote the most profitable beer (profitable in terms of a personal contract)?  

To simply enjoy your favorite beer on the lawn of the White House without an advertizing contract is simply un-American!!!

On the other hand, the fact that President Obama actually enjoys Bud Light opens another can of beer. The only good thing about Bud Light is…. well…. perhaps……no, that won't work…….. hmm…I'm drawing a blank here……. Undecided

Now if he was drinking a New Belgium 1554 or a Deschutes Black Butte – then we would know he had class and style! Cool