Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Dragons. Elves. Magic. Heroes. Novel. Written by a 15 year old boy.

Those are the rumors that reached my ears about Eragon.

So, I did what any self respecting book worm would do – I checked the book out the library and proceeded to listen to it. (audio books rock!!) Cool

In a word: Awesome!!

Paolini weaves a beautiful story within a masterful prose of descriptions, feelings and excitement. I love the way he develops the depth of the characters as they live their lives across the pages.

Note that it is a thick book – but once you’re into the world of Eragon, you lose yourself into a tapestry of adventure and excitement. *smile*  Time found me wondering around working on the house with headphones and a CD player… Tongue out

It’s a good read. I would recommend it – especially as I move on to book two (of three): Eldest.

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