A Little Help Here??? Please!!!

Tomorrow is my eighth wedding anniversary and I’m soooo dead (well, in my own mind as my wife is too sweet to actually do anything…besides look at me with that face after reading this post.. sorry baby, it had to be done). Undecided Forget diamonds or anything like that as that would get me into worse trouble…

What I need is some ideas on what to do for our anniversary that we have never done before. That’s the rule.

Only I’m out of ideas – so I need you guy’s help to figure out what to do tomorrow for our anniversary. Smile

To help with this blogosphere help-line, here is a list of things we have done in the past for our anniversary and which are now off the table:

  • Scuba diving
  • Camping (I wonder if it counts if we camp somewhere we’ve never been?)
  • Romantic evening (yeah – I rock!) Cool
  • Olive Garden
  • Various other restaurants
  • Movies (unless we can think of a movie theaters we’ve never been too – but is still within an hours drive – no D.C. theaters please).
  • Rock climbing – wait a minute… I don’t think we’ve done that as a couple..hmmm
  • Skydiving (yeah, we’ve never done that but I can guarantee you that the Mrs won’t do it.)
  • Romantic Picnic (Tyler rose garden, the rose capital of the WORLD – “I Rock” number 2) Cool

Sigh… are you beginning to my dilemma? Frown

Cast your votes – we have a tad over 24 hours to bail Ardell out of a danager can of soup (clam chowder).