Busy Weekend!!

We held two Paraguay Parties – one Friday evening in Boise with the other one in Sweet on Saturday afternoon. While we didn't get the attendances we where hoping for, we had a fun time sharing the heart God gave us for Paraguay. (see Saturday's post for more information about our upcoming trip to Paraguay)

Sunday turned out to be a bright, sunny, and busy day. We started it out by going to the small Methodist church near our house (going down the mountain did not appeal to us yesterday)… actually, I should say that we tried to go to the Methodist church since we didn't actually attend the service. As we were walking up to the front door, Em remembered that the time had changed during night… we were an hour late!!!!

I'm SO GLAD she remembered before we entered the building… think of how embarrassing it would be to walk in and sit down five minutes before the sermon ended?! Not a good thing!!

Soooooo…. we went back home. Tongue out

Since we had some more time on our hands (not counting the hour we lost in the time change), I started working on the car trying to get the radio to work (the radio stopped working about 2 or 3 months ago). It turned out to be a fairly simple fix – the fuse in the back of the radio was blown. Granted, I had to check a Hyundai forum to find out how to take off the front console. Wink

Later that afternoon (as well as a bit after church that evening) I build some shelves in our bathroom closet. This was a much needed project that had been delegated to the bottom of the list as the basement was sucking all my time. Yesterday, I decided enough was enough… I wanted a project I could do in a day versus ten years. Laughing

[@more@]Below are some pictures of the fun:



The above pictures are before hand – well, kinda… You see that black air duct? It was sitting on the floor. I raised it up so it would have better air flow before I boxed it in.  

Here are the during and after shots… the during pic being after I walled in the air duct, but before I cut the shelves.  The final picture is after Em started placing items in her new bathroom closet. Laughing