SBS: Super Bowl and Snow

For the first time in two years, we cancelled church last night. Some folks may think we cancelled it because of the Super Bowl…. and they would be partly right. Tongue out

The real reason was the white out conditions in the area due to a snow storm. Add to this the fact that our pastor lives a hour away and would have to drive home after dark in the snow – we decided to call it a day and let everyone know that church was cancelled.  

The cool part was that everyone somehow got notified or just decided not to come due to the weather. How do I know that? 'cause I was sitting out in front of the school for half an hour waiting for someone to come, but no one came – so everyone must have been notified. Thank the Good Lord for small town phone chains. Laughing

Well, now that church was cancelled – we just had to watch the game. Right? =P Actually, we were already planning a Super Bowl party at a friend's house. Before we cancelled church, we were just going to go to the school for the service and then come back – catching both the front and end of the game. As it turned out, we got to see the whole thing.
The best part of the night was that my team won. Yelp – I was pulling for the Giants while Em was supporting "whatever team Josh wasn't supporting". (I think our marriage is good…) Innocent

Speaking of the game – boy, was it a good game!! A four point spread for most of the game – wonderful!

I'm glad my one-football-game-per-year turned out so good. Cool