Wild Goose Chase

Joshua Hopping, WildGooseChase.org Author

Joshua Hopping, WildGooseChase.org Author

Seminary Education Fundraising

I am pursuing a Master of Ministry degree through St. Stephen’s University (SSU) and need your help. Going to seminary is very expense – so in an effort to raise funds, I have started an Etsy shop selling handcrafted magnetic locking hollow book safes and embroidered book protecting drawstring bags.

The Wild Goose Story

Legend states that some of the Celtic believers in the British Isles used the wild goose to symbolize the Holy Spirit instead of the traditional dove. Unlike the dove, which is pictured as calm and gentle, a wild goose will attack you and is in essence wild, untamed, and uncontrolled.

In similar fashion, the Holy Spirit is unpredictable – blowing to and fro like the wind (John 3:8) and coming in power (Acts 1:8), disturbing the status quo and setting the people into a new adventure with God.

When you couple this picture of the Holy Spirit with the Shakespearean phrase, “a wild goose chase”, you get the recipe for mystery and adventure. The choices and decisions of God may not be those of man – in fact, most likely, people will look at these choices in horror, thinking that you are embarking on a wild goose chase – a foolish adventure that will only end in disaster.

Yet, if the Holy Spirit is the Wild Goose that one chases…well, then everything changes. Things that seem foolish to us become wise in the sight of God Almighty as we trade worldly security for radical obedience, judgment for mercy, and our life for His life.

To chase the Wild Goose is to embark on an adventure within the upside-down Kingdom of Heaven.

An Geadh-Glas


What Is This Site About?

Many years ago the Creator of Heaven and Earth told me to follow the Wild Goose (aka The Holy Spirit) no matter where He took me. In the mist of the journey I started this blog to record the things He taught me along that Ancient Path.

As on any journey, there are things planned and unplanned.  The posts on this blog reflect this truth – as there are planned items (Book Reviews, Theological Thoughts, Backpacking Adventures, etc) and there are unplanned items (Home Repairs, Current Events, etc).

Lord willing you will enjoy reading these posts as much as I enjoy writing them.  :)

I am no longer my own, but yours.

Use me as you choose;

rank me alongside whoever You choose;

put me to doing, put me to suffering;

let me be employed for You, or laid aside for You;

raised up for You, or brought down low for You;

let me be full, let me be empty;

let me have all things, let me have nothing;

with my whole heart I freely choose to yield

all things to Your ordering and approval.

– Celtic New Years’ Covenant Service

Author Intro

Greetings! My name is Joshua Hopping and I am a Son of the Most High journeying through a foreign land following the Wild Goose (i.e. the Holy Spirit) one step at a time.

As I journey along the Way, I have the privilege of serving the body of the King in different ways at different times including time spent as a church planter, pastor, mission board member, teacher, and all-around grunt. At the present moment I hold no title nor position of honor – I am simply a man chasing the Wild Goose and trying to join Jesus in what He is doing around me.

Along the Way there are many tribes or streams of people who are following the King of Kings. While all of these tribes are valuable members of the greater Body of Christ, the tribe that most closely echoes the cries of my heart is the Association of Vineyard Churches.

I am a voracious reader who loves studying church history, theology, and world missions. A more detailed biography can be found on the “Author’s Bio” page for those who want more information.

Adventures Journals And Sundry Thoughts

The Rule of St. Benedict

Though very little is known about the life of St. Benedict, his Rule was to have a lasting impact on the development of Christianity. Born into a “distinguished Italian family” in 480 C.E., St. Benedict would abandon his liberal education in Rome for a life of solitude.[1] However his solitude would soon be broken by […]

Learning to Pastor from Tiffany Aching

It may sound odd to some people, but I think the best pastoring book out there wasn’t written by a follower of Jesus nor was it written as a pastoring book. Rather it was written by an atheist known to write satires against religion of all types. The book I’m talking about is A Hat […]

“The Life of St. Anthony” by Athanasius

As the persecution of the early church stopped and Christianity gained favor in the halls of power, dedicated followers of Jesus turned from the red martyrdom of death to the white martyrdom of the desert. These white martyrs gave up fleshly comfort (e.g. soft beds, nice clothes, etc.) and embraced an “austere and rigorous discipline” […]

“The Desert Fathers” translated by Helen Waddell

Translated by Helen Waddell, the book The Desert Fathers is collection of ancient manuscripts from the fourth and fifth century CE. It includes works by St. Jerome (The Life of St. Paul the First Hermit), Ambrose of Camaldolt (The Pratum Spirituale of John Moschus), James the Deacon (The Life of St. Pelagia the Herlot), and […]

“Confessions” by St. Augustine

Born on November 13, 354 CE, St. Augustine was consecrated as the assistant bishop of Hippo at age 42. A year later in 397 CE he took over as the bishop when the previous bishop died. That same year St. Augustine began writing Confessions detailing the first thirty-three years of his life from birth to […]

“The Language of God” by Francis S. Collins

Since the dawn of time humanity has questioned our origins. In modern times these questions have largely been distilled into two opposing groups: those who hold on to faith and religion and those who cling to science and its corollaries. Sadly these two groups are largely seen as moral enemies rather than allies. It is […]

Faith, Science & Genesis One

Very few topics within American Christianity have been so fiercely debated over the past hundred years as the way in which one views the first chapter of Genesis. When discussing the origins of the universe it is assumed that faith and science are at odds with each other. This paper will seek to harmonize faith […]

The Here and Not Yet: Book Update

As it’s been a while since I’ve talked about it, I figured I own you all a quick update on my upcoming book, The Here and Not Yet: What is Kingdom Theology and why does it matter? The publication of the book has been pushed out a bit as the Vineyard International Publishing folks asked […]


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