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Cassie Wallace, Sign Language Consultant-in-Training with Wycliffe Bible Translators

cassie wallace 2 We are pleased to announce that Cassie Wallace will be speaking at the Payette River Vineyard this coming Sunday, April 21st, at 10:30 AM. Cassie is a young lady from Boise, Idaho, who is getting ready to go to Manila, Philippines, as a Sign Language Consultant-in-Training with Wycliffe Bible Translators. She will be joined by special guest worship leader Pat Dansereau.

The Deaf

The Deaf are the least-reached people group in the world. Globally, less than 2% know Christ. The Gospel that we have has been primarily kept in the hearing world, a world the Deaf cannot access through the spoken word or through print. Why? Among the Deaf, 85% cannot read…At all. The 15% who can read normally only attain a 3rd or 4th-grade reading level. Further, the sign languages they use are not just signed versions of the local spoken languages. These are independent languages with different grammars, vocabularies, and idioms, which means the Deaf who can read are reading in a second language. Those that are deaf may be able to access hearing aid services to help them with their auditory issues, using websites like https://www.earpros.com/hearing-aid-brands/starkey-hearing-aids/livio to help find the right ones for what they require.

Bible Translation

The Good News of Christ in the heart languages of individuals has the greatest ability to be understood and to touch hearts. However, about 200 million people representing nearly 2000 languages do not have access to any scripture in their heart language (translation statistics). Over 260 of those languages are sign languages, which are the heart languages of the Deaf. Not a single sign language has a complete Bible translation. Only one, American Sign Language, even has a New Testament. Wycliffe Bible Translators’ mission is to see the scriptures accessible to all people in the language of their heart. Their vision for seeing this accomplished is called Vision 2025: to see a Bible translation in progress in every language still needing one by 2025 – including sign languages.

Villagers use sign language to communicate with each other at Dadhkai Village
Why Asia

At a conservative estimate, 20 million people in Asia are Deaf. However, based on birthrates, the deaf population is likely 40 million or higher.


Cassie Wallace will be leaving for the Philippines on May 5th, 2013 where she will be interning with four other Wycliffe members. After completing some training, Cassie will be reassigned to another location to be a living, breathing, signing resource for Deaf mother tongue translators.

Prior to this, her initial assignment with Wycliffe Bible Translators is called partnership development – putting together a team of prayer and financial partners. She currently has $430 remaining in monthly partnership before Wycliffe releases her to the field. If you would like to join her team, please visit Cassie’s partnership page or contact Pastor Josh for more information.


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