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The Tabernacle: A Movable War Tent

IMG_1171The temple was moving.

Humanity – the original portable temple of the Creator King – had left the garden. And creation cringed in fear.

It wasn’t the act of leaving the garden that made creation fearful for humanity was created and given the mission to leave the garden. No. It wasn’t leaving that was painful, but how we left.

Rather than leaving in peace, humanity was leaving in shame. In a fit of rebellion, we had decided that it would be better to be kings and queens rather than serve the King.

It was a costly decision.

Yet the middle of our rebellion, the Creator King did not abandon us. He left the garden with us; pledging himself to us. The mission of the King to destroy all of evil, sin, and even death itself, was still in motion.

Two steps back, one step forward, the dance of the ages had begun.

Step by step, minute by minute, day by day, year by year, time marched on until that Day came. It was the Day of the great Non-Battle of the Nile when the gods and goddess of Egypt were judged and found wanting.

After this non-battle, the Victorious Creator King asked his people to build him a house so that he might dwell among them. This house, however, was different than all the other houses of the mightily spiritual rulers of the time.

It was a mobile tent. A war tent of such.

It was to be a place from which the Creator King could direct his people – his army – as they continued the dance of declaring his glory to the creation and purging the world of injustice, evil, sin and death.

The tabernacle: an echo of the garden from which humanity came.

The tabernacle: a portable temple that dwelled not in the towns of the rich, but among the people.

The tabernacle: a physical reminder of the Creator King who bound himself to us.


[box]This is part four of an eight part evolving art piece currently on display at the Vineyard Boise art gallery.[/box]