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A Letter to the Vineyard Family from Phil Strout, USA National Director

phil stroutDear Vineyard Family-

“Do what the Father is doing” is one of the Vineyard movement’s treasured sayings. As I reflect back on our national conference in July, and forward to fall and a new year of ministry endeavors, it seems wise to ask the question- what do we see the Father doing?

The Father seems to be breathing life into the conference theme “All In”. We had an overwhelmingly positive National Leaders Conference with over 3000 participants, including hundreds of children and teens and many of our movement’s treasured seasoned saints. In our times of worship, teaching, prayer, and relational interaction, it seemed clear that God was calling all of us to mutual engagement for the Kingdom of God.

The Father seems to be pleased to send his Holy Spirit to minister among and through us. We collected story after story at the conference of things the Lord is doing in our churches -and perhaps most exciting, outside of our churches. When we open ourselves up to the supernatural ministry of the Spirit in and through us, the Lord is pleased to work.

The Father seems to be calling us to new dreams for what our movement can be. The growing energy around church planting both here and abroad, reaching across cultural barriers, and taking supernatural risks, is palpable. My prayer is that in God’s mercy, the best days of our movement are those yet to come.

So let’s say yes to the Lord! Doing what the Father is doing is not glamorous or easy. There are high moments – moments like the national conference, or special victories in any of our areas of service. But, as Rich reminded us in his talk on growing to adulthood, oftentimes saying yes to the Father is simply a day by day, step by step obedience. Taking an evangelistic risk, even if we look silly. Praying for the sick again and again, even when they don’t get better. Investing in a church plant, even if it isn’t taking off yet. It’s those combined “yeses to God” that form a movement.

I hope you managed a restful summer, and that you are hopeful and energized for the fall. If you are – God’s blessings on you. Go for it! If you aren’t – I pray for the Lord’s mercy on you, and that you will be carried by his power in this season. I look forward to seeing many of you as I travel throughout the movement in the months to come.

For the glory of God,


Four More Pillars of Leadership and Ministry From Phil Strout

Sorry I’m a tad late in re-posting Phil Strout’s video series… yet, better late than never. 🙂

#6. Fruitful Longevity

We are still wowed by shooting stars…

#7. If It’s Worth Anything, It’s Worth Everything

If following Jesus is worth anything at all, then it’s worth everything. Everything.

Or to put it another way, if we are not willing to go all in for Jesus – giving Him everything, from our money, dreams, passions, habits, thoughts, etc. – then why follow Him at all? There are lots of stuff we could do in this life, some of which seem cooler and more fun than following Jesus… yet, as St. Peter said long ago, “Master, to whom would we go? You have the words of real life, eternal life. We’ve already committed ourselves, confident that you are the Holy One of God.” (John 6:67-68)

#8. For the Greater Glory of God and the Well-Being of People

Are we serving as a leader for our own glory or for the glory of God and for the well-being people? Examine yourself and ask why we are doing what we are doing….

#9: The Work of the Ministry is Overflow, Not Overwork

Soul Care: Finding Thin Places in Our Daily Walk

Here’s the most recent video in Phil Strout’s “Ten Pillars of Leadership and Ministry” series:

Note that the first half or so of the video is Phil recapping the series as it has been a while between posts…if you want to skip the recap, jump ahead to 4:21 minutes…

The take away for me was the concept that soul care is more than just having devotions. It is connecting with Jesus in a personal, regular and intimate way regardless of what it looks like… i.e. it could be hiking in the woods, reading and studying the Scriptures, being alone, or whatever. Each person is different and the way in which they connect with Jesus is different – the important thing is connecting with Jesus on an on-going regular basis.

Good stuff… and a great reminder for myself as I know I can get caught up doing things to the point that I forget to simply hang out with Jesus…

Soul care… looking for and finding thin places in our daily walk…

Pillar Four: The Golden Rule

The fourth installment of Phil Strout’s series on leadership and ministry:

A few thoughts on the video… in the video Phil talks about pebbles that come out of our mouths that turn into boulders before they reach the ears of the listeners. wow…what a word picture! Sadly enough I can say that this has happened to me more times than I care to remember… things that I think are innocent or benign (pebbles) can care into huge problems (boulders) or insults as they travel through the air to the ears of those around me. The solution to this is to always keep Jesus’ words on the forefront of our hearts and minds – to treat others like we want to be treated.

Pillar Three: This is the most important _________

The third pillar in Phil Strout’s Ten Pillar of Leadership and Ministry” is the concept of “This is the most important ______________ ever”.

In other words, approach each job or task you have as if it is the most important task in your life. You only have one shot at it – so make it count.

Why he did not mention it, I see echos of Colossians 3:17 in this leadership pillar:

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Ten Pillars of Leadership and Ministry

phil stroutPhil Strout is staring a new series on his video blog about the ten pillars of leadership and ministry that has helped him throughout the years. It should be a good series. 🙂

1.    Whatever it takes
2.    This is the most important _________
3.    It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you don’t care who gets the credit
4.    The Golden Rule
5.    Soul Care
6.    Fruitful Longevity
7.    If it’s worth anything, it’s worth everything
8.    For the Greater Glory of God and the well-being of people
9.    Ministry is overflow, not overwork
10.    The Cup of the Lord

Note that he only posts every few weeks so, yeah, it is going to take some time to make it through all ten… 😕