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What is the Kingdom?

what is the kingdomThis week the Vineyard USA released a series of booklets about the distinctives of our movement. While all five of these booklets are great, I really want to focus on one of them as its topic is dear to my heart:

“What is the Kingdom?”

In answering this question (which I think is THE question), the booklet looks at the following subtopics:

  • The Kingdom Jesus Preached
  • The Now of the Kingdom
  • The Not Yet of the Kingdom
  • How do we become Kingdom people?

The folks who wrote articles for this Kingdom Theology booklet are among the whose who of the Vineyard: Rich Nathan, Derek Morphew, Mark & Karen Fields, John & Eleanor Mumford, and Bill Jackson.

Yeah..the national office did a great job in getting this published. Sadly, they copyrighted it so I can’t reproduce it in its entirety on this blog…but I can (and will) post a few of the articles here over the next few days. You can also read a sample copy of the booklet online or, if you want, you can simply purchase a few to keep on hand. 🙂


Introducing Vineyard Institute

For the first time, the Vineyard Movement around the world is joining together to help develop and train leaders for all levels of church life.

Vineyard Institute is a multinational, multicultural and multigenerational working partnership between all Vineyard Churches; with the aim to move forward and unite existing, recognised and future theological training under one umbrella, in order that leaders can be trained and supported at all levels of church life around the globe.

The Vineyard Institute draws from the best Vineyard theological resources available, as well as having a heavy emphasis on a two-way flow of content and best practices from local contexts, to provide an ever-evolving sharing from within the International Vineyard family and to meet the needs of each and every country involved.

Leadership for the institute is as follows:

  • VI Chairman: John Mumford (UK & Ireland National Leader).
  • VI Academic Dean: Derek Morphew (South Africa)
  • VI Board:
    • Costa Mitchell (South Africa)
    • Doug Brown (Kenya)
    • Juliet Barber (UK & Ireland)
    • Elba Dolan (Brazil)
    • Rich Nathan (USA)
    • Lance Pitluck (USA)
    • Michael Gatlin (USA)