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Open Hearts and Open Arms: The Adoption Search

It’s official. Em and I have thrown our hat into the adoption ring.

Yelp – you read that correctly. We are adopting a small child or baby – we are open to any gender, any race and any age between newborn and 2 or 3 years old (ok – that may not be “any” age…but in adoption terms it is!).

We have thought about adopting a child for many years now – only we never knew when. A lot of stuff happened this Spring, forcing us on our knees crying out to our Lord. Through the tears and sorrow, He spoke.

Now is the time. Go for it.

So we did. [@more@]

All the paper work is completed and we are now on the domestic infant waiting list (check out our adoption profile) We could have a child tonight or tomorrow – or it may take months or years… Undecided

In the meantime, we are looking at trying to find the money to pay for the adoption. Sadly it takes $12,000 to $15,000 to adopt a child in the USA. Granted, there are some states willing to place babies of different races for less…but that just burns my hide seeing that it’s nothing more then “legal” human trafficking!!!

That aside – please pray for us as we walk this path. I really feel that God has a child for us this year. However, I am nervous about the funding as I don’t want to go into debt adopting a child. The Lord has clearly told us that we need to be ready to do His work at any time – that means being willing to quit our jobs and/or move wherever He says. If we are burdened by the weight of debt, it makes following He all the more difficult… Undecided

Please join us in prayer that the Lord will bring us the right child and that the funds will be there.

Thank you.