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A Quote from Bede

Some people like CS Lewis, others like Stephen King – still others prefer Shakespeare (these are the folks hanging around the shawdows of society). Me – I like Bede.

Who? Did you say that dreaded three letter word?!!! Be still my heart – do not fail me now – for some people have not culture or knowledge of the finer things in life (possum pie anyone?)

Bede – otherwise know as the Venerable Bede (sidenote – how cool would it be to have a name like Venerable Josh? or Venerable Ardell?) – was seventh century monk who wrote the first history book about the British Isles. His book, A History of the English Church and People, written in 731 AD is one of the five most influential books I’ve ever read (yeah – it’s that good).

Now, I must leave – yet, before I go, please enjoy a piece of wisdom from Bede:

“For if history records good things of good men, the thoughtful hearer is encouraged to imitate what is good; or if it records evil of wicked men, the good, religious listener or reader is encouraged to avoid all that is sinful and perverse, and to follow what he knows to be good and pleasing to God.”


Orange or Camo? Part 2

Due to popular demand (and a strong warning from my wife including the words: "couch", "dog house", "below zero weather"), I have decided to always wear hunters orange. Yelp – that's me – the model of modern man in orange camo. Tongue out

(Note from The Editor: Please note that my client's wife did not say any of the above words or making any known threats. My client has a history of mental instability and manufactures conversations within his mind. In other words, Em – please to not be upset with my client as he knows not what he does. Thank you.)


Elk, Deer and Wolves, Oh My!

You know you're out west when your neighbors start talking about sighting wolves and elk. And I'm not talking about "Hey Bob, I saw an elk three years ago when I drove through Yellowstone." 

I'm talking about: "George, four elk cows crossed by the barn this morning with a pair of wolves on their tails. If I had my gun…."

That's rights folks – this is Idaho. Not the pansy, city-slicking treasure valley – this is Sweet, Idaho – where critters run wild and wolves are a plenty.

Now, if only I didn't have to walk outside every morning in the dark….  Undecided


Orange or Camo?

Twelve years ago while in Oklahoma I took a hunter education course with the hopes of becoming an elephant hunter in deepest Africa (think about it – big gun, big man-eating, half mad animals and a three ton mass moving in high gear towards you. What’s not to love?).  Due to unforeseen circumstances (mainly the inability to locate a big enough gun), I laid down my ambitions to brave the jungles of Africa (now I just want to seek the huge 7-ton half mad critters without a gun… I must be getting loco in my old age).

To date my biggest hunting accomplishment has been the dropping of a huge, 25-ton bird with a single shot (note from the editor: Please forgive the ramblings of my client, things always seem larger the older one gets. This so-called “25-ton bird” was a poor innocent quail who was trying to survive in a cruel world).  However, this amazing accomplishment of marksmanship will soon be replaces as I have now passed the Idaho Hunters Education Program.

Yes – soon, I, Ardell – dreaded marksmanship of three states, will be combing over the wild mountains of Idaho looking for red meat. Perhaps I should go to scopes for 300 BLK accessories to ensure I am fully prepared to bag enough meat to last me the long and cruel winter.
(Another note from the editor: We apologize for the rude comments of our client. We recognize the rights of all Vegan and Vegetarians).

Only one choice remains to be answered before danger is released into the hills of Sweet: do I wear orange or camo?. Obviously camo would (note from the editor: could) make me invisible to the critters and therefore give me a tactical advantage. Then again most of them are colorblind and can’t tell the difference between green and orange…

Stud fish?

Imagine your kneeboarding off the coast of Australia when you lose your new nose stud… lost forever, right?  Well, usaully that would be the case….

As it turns out three days later the fiance of the lady who lost the nose stud went fishing in the same area. He came home with a nice fish, and started to filleting it. Half way through, he discovers the nose stud recently lost in the fish's belly! True story – read it here. Surprised


The immigrants stuffed into car seats and under bonnets trying to get into Europe….

Recently the London Daily Mail online newspaper released a set of pictures showing lengths desperate immigrant will go to in order to reach Europe. There were pictures of immigrants stuff inside the front seats of a car (below); around the engine block under the hood; inside a suitcase and more….   It is amazing what some people will do to get out of their country into another… Undecided

Check it out here

Ron Paul – President for 2008

Over the last few months I have had several people tell me about Ron Paul. I read a bit about him on his website – but from what I heard, one really need to go to YouTube to see what he is all about. So I did…. and I thought I would share some clips with you all. Cool

1) The first YouTube clip is an overview of the Ron Paul Revolution.

2) This is an hour long interview with Ron Paul at Google Inc. This video is a MUST for anyone who is curious about Ron Paul and wants to know more about his views.