The Portable Temple: An Ongoing Story

IMG_1156It’s all about fried chicken.

Juicy, buttermilk batter, on-the-bone, deep-fat fried chicken – the kind that clogs your arteries the moment you take a bite. To a Southern boy like myself, that is a description of a piece of mouth-watering fried chicken.

Imagine my surprise when I came home one day a few months into my marriage to a meal of fried chicken only to find a piece of lightly battered, boneless, skinless chicken breast fried in a small amount of olive oil on my plate.

I quickly discovered that to my health-conscious wife, “fried chicken” simply meant chicken that was fried. What happened? How could the two of us have two totally different images for the same food dish?

Each person on this earth has a unique view on the world around them. This “worldview” is a framework of ideas and beliefs through which a person processes information…

It’s like when you read a story or a portion of Scripture and something really jumps out at you like a billboard. Yet, when you show a friend the same passage, they don’t see anything.

What does the Bible say about the temple of God? Have you thought about it before?

This evolving installation explores the metamorphosis of the Temple of God as seen throughout scripture.


[box]This is part one of an eight part evolving art piece currently on display at the Vineyard Boise art gallery.[/box]