Humanity: The Original Portable Temple

IMG_1141Our world is comprised of the visible and the invisible; of things that we see and things that we don’t.

Sadly it is common for us to try to separate these realms by focusing only on one piece at a time. We have our physical lives of work, play, food, games and the like on one side. On the other, we corral our spiritual desires, releasing them on Sunday or on that odd day when we need prayer.

The opening verses of Genesis paints a different story of our world.

Rather than having two separate worlds (physical and spiritual) existing next to each other, we have one world comprised of both elements. The physical and spiritual are intertwined and woven together to the point that one does not exist without the other.

And the ruler of this intertwined world is none other than the Creator King who brought order out of chaos and defeated the spiritual forces who sought to rule over creation.

In the aftermath of the creation battle, the Creator King reached down into the newly formed mud and formed a shape. Then as the wind held its breath and the earth trembled in delight, the Creator bend over and breathed life into this shape.

Humanity was born.

Female and male. Physical images of the invisible Creator created as a constant reminder to all of creation – physical and spiritual – of who was, and is, and will one day be the ultimate King of Kings.

The original temple was created that day.

A physical building made of flesh and blood in which the spirit of God would dwell. It was to be a place dedicated to the worship of the Creator. A portable temple commissioned by the Creator to go throughout the earth, proclaiming the kingship of God and defeating the remnant of evil that plagued the land.

Humanity: the original portable temple of the Creator King.


[box]This is part three of an eight part evolving art piece currently on display at the Vineyard Boise art gallery.[/box]