Vineyard Bantayan Relief Mission

typhoon HaiyanBelow is an update from the Vineyard Cebu regarding their prayer concerns regarding their outreach to northern Cebu island communities and Bantayan island, which was severely hit by the super typhoon. Be sure to check out their video at the very bottom of this post. If anyone wants to partner with them directly, let me know and I will connect you.

Additionally, Vineyard USA is working with Convoy of Hope to care for the people affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Convoy of Hope has shipping containers of food and supplies en route to the Philippines, to be followed by containers of hygiene kits, canned goods and fruit pouches. 100 water filtration units will arrive in the country with their second relief team. I can’t help but think the shipping containers could be useful for those affected by Typhoon Haiyan, even once the contents have been emptied. Many companies are using shipping containers to build things like homes nowadays – you can see how by clicking here – and that would surely be useful for the people who have had their homes destroyed. Maybe this is something they could explore futher.

Your financial support is vital to their response. To assist with a donation, please click here.

Letter from the Vineyard Cebu:

Grateful for:

  1. God’s love, mercy & faithfulness – thus far, none of the family members/relatives from the Team has suffered loss of life. Everyone is alive!
  2. God’s provision & generosity & His people’s care & generosity as well. There has been an outpouring of provision in every way, financially many have shared as well. We are thankful that we can move/act quickly & be able to bring these to families.
  3. His promises & Word- ever since these tragedies- earthquake, then tornado (Mandaue City, but near us), & super typhoon there has been much sadness- but we have been really receiving beautiful promises from His word, & beautiful prophecies for the Filipinos & the islands.
  4. The children are doing well. And it is good in spite of the circumstances, they are blossoming in school & at home.
  5. Trips to Indonesia & also in Manila have been very good- His work is deep & wonderful- both an honour & privilege.

Pls. declare over us these Scriptures:

  1. Jn. 10:10- declare His abundant life!!! And put a stop to the enemy’s stealing, killing & destroying.
  2. Isaiah 35:3-5 or even the succeeding verses!
  3. From the other houses Isaiah 61:4, which was spoken during our wedding’s preaching.


  1. We haven’t dropped the ball on ministry. Even as we send scout teams to the neighboring islands, assisting Medair in practical ways, & doing hospital visits for the displaced people. We are functioning as a church still. Pls. be praying more JOY, the joy of the Lord is our strength. At times, it can be overwhelming, but He is good & faithful.
  2. Wisdom, understanding, & discernment as we move into action in many respects: finding family members, sending relief, sending our team & foreign friends/team to desperate areas, & just where & how to use the resources we have.
  3. We are expecting for miracles- lots of healing, people knowing Jesus’ & operating in spiritual gifts as we move in the depressed areas. The hospital visits for the people from Tacloban have been dramatic- it’s first time they have someone listen to them, they are so open for God’s love.
  4. Protection, & Jesus opening the right doors. There is news & accounts of looting, stealing & crime in Tacloban & various other isolated areas (not in North Cebu). We are hoping to send more people there in a week or 2. But we have a couple on the ground there now.
  5. We know, Post Traumatic Therapy for children is a must, so how to do this & how to be like Jesus in letting the children who have been directly affected by the typhoon to be ministered upon.
  6. Our youth are going to help as well in the relief & rehabilitation. So good to bless them & the Youth leaders!!!
  7. We have friends from overseas coming to lend a hand, people from St. Stephen’s Society, some people from Medair, & families from the Team. We need “Logistics-wisdom”. We want to be thinking, strategic, & bearing fruit!!!
  8. That we, in the Philippines, will turn to Jesus, & back to the Father. Sounds, very cliche’ but really, we need to be awake, ready, & “girded” up for action.
  9. His manifest Presence with us as church family. God told Moses, I’ll be with you & you’ll have Rest. Being able to rest, but not inactive.

Thank you for standing in the GAP & praying with & for us.