It’s Official!!

Phil Strout and Bert Waggoner

Six days ago on September 12, 2012 the leadership mantle of the Vineyard USA was officially passed from Bert and Evelyn Waggoner to Phil and Jan Strout. [cue the applause and rejoicing]

While there are many things on Phil’s heart as he starts this journey, he took some time today to remind the Vineyard family of his top three priorities:

  • Presence of God
  • Proclamation of the Gospel
  • Practical hands on living

Everything will fit in and around these three items – which I think are good anchors to have.  🙂

Phil also asked the Vineyard family if they could pray for him and Jan to have wisdom, courage and kindness. May the Lord granted those prayers and bless them both as they start a new adventure as National Director of the Vineyard USA.

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