Lindsey Stirling, The Hip Hop Violinist

Like a lot of folks I was first introduced to Lindsey Stirling through season five of “America’s Got Talent” where she made it to the quarter-finals. However, I, like most of America, soon lost track of her as the show went on and the planet kept spinning around the universe. Happily, though, she has popped back on to my radar though a geeky site humorous named “Geeks Are Sexy.”

By now you all are probably wondering what Lindsey does… well, she is a violinist, dancer, performance artist and composer who is simply amazing! Not content to stay within the classical music genre, she plays a variety of musical styles including video game soundtracks (hence her geeky connection).

Knowing that words do not do her music justice, I have posted a few of her video below for your enjoyment. 🙂

“Skyrim” with Peter Hollens (this is by far my favorite video!)

“Lord of the Rings Medley”

“Starships”–  Nicki Minaj (Cover) with Megan Nicole

“Phantom of the Opera”