Sagehen Reservoir

Every summer there is a steady stream of cars driving north past the house headed to Sagehen Reservoir. And every summer I have driven the other direction as I’m not one to [car] camp near other folks (unless they are a few miles out from the trailhead in the middle of the wilderness, then I will talk to them all day long – as my brother found out this summer).

This year however we decided to join a co-worker, his family and some of their friends for a few days camping at Sagehen.

Hanging out around the campfire

As it turned out, all four families (ours included) were adoptive families – three of which were also foster care families. This common bond opened up a plethora of interesting and insightful conversations.

This was my son’s first camping trip – and boy did he enjoy it!!

Eating breakfast with a dirty face

Breakfast time!

I will forever remember the size of his eyes when he woke up inside the tent that first morning. They were huge and full of joy, excitement and wonder!

He also enjoyed running after and copying the other boys at the camp – a 3.5, 5.5 and 8.5 year old.

Later on that weekend, I was able to escape on the raft for a bit of solitude and fishing. As I drifted slowly along, an Osprey dived down and caught a fish about 30-feet from me! God does make some fascinating animals.

Looking east across the Sagehen Reservoir
My fishing partner
The trusty raft

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