Historic Baker City

Last weekend was a breath of fresh air.

It was a time of relaxation and friendship as my wife and I had the opportunity to get away and spend a weekend together without our son (Thanks Dad and Mom for babysitting!!) – or any of the stress of being a pastor or homeowner (amazingly enough the later is actually harder!).

The first evening was spent camping next to Philips Lake about twenty miles west of Baker City, Oregon. The next morning we got up lazily and wondered into town to visit the really cool Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.

It was amazing standing in the wagon ruts of the 170 year old Oregon trail thinking about the thousands of people who walked before us headed to a new life.

After that we visited the Geiser Grand Hotel – build in 1889, this hotel recently went through a $7 million dollar restoration project that restored the aging hotel its former glory.

The hotel dinning room (the bedrooms are on the second and third floor)
The original stain glass ceiling was destoryed so they build a new one out of 100-yr old glass from Europe

Later on that night we returned to the Geiser Grand saloon to enjoyed a cold Deschutes Black Butte porter while sitting on the ancient bar stools. (well, I enjoyed the Black Butte…Emily slipped the other kind of beer – the type made from roots).

That night we crashed at a local bed and breakfast (Prospectors Frontier Inn) which used to be a doctor’s office in the late 1800’s. While it cost a tad more than your regular cheap motel, this place had a TON of history, character and just oozed peace and relaxation!

Sadly enough the weekend was soon over as we had to get up early Sunday morning and drive back to Idaho to visit the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Nampa.

The church is meeting outside in a tent for the summer
Powerful worship service!