Baptism: Do We Treat It Lightly?

A few members of my church have been wanting to get baptized this year… only I have been delaying the baptism as I haven’t felt “ready.”

Ready” may sound a tad strange as our church has held baptisms before – shoot, I’ve even dunked folks myself…It is just that I kept wondering if we had forgotten why we baptize people… I know I had forgotten.

Baptism stopped being something sacred and amazing and became…well…something common.

Yet despite my delays, the church fellowship kept pushing and so I finally agreed to hold a baptism this coming Sunday (tomorrow in fact). Once that was decided, God went to work on my heart – challenging my forgetfulness and my lack of excitement.

In those challenges, I started asking questions – first to my brother in the Sawtooth Mountains and then to my Kingdom Coffee friends… then I began to re-read the Bible passages and look at what Jesus and the early church said about baptism.

Now, a week later, I am happy to say that I am excite about what God is going to do tomorrow. The Lord has breathed new life into something that had become routine.

Thank you Lord for using the PRV family to challenge me and for Your Spirit who brought fire to the Scriptures of old.