When Will The Pastor Show Up?

I officiated my fourth wedding Sunday – and, I must say, it was one of the most relaxed weddings I have ever attended.

The wedding was held on Dry Buck Mountain (20 to 30 minutes north of Sweet) at a campsite where the couple and some of their family/friends spent the night. The ceremony itself was in front of a huge boulder with the couple standing barefooted on an elk hide they got a few years back on the same mountain.

Being an outdoor guy, I joined them in going barefoot – only I choose to stand on the grass as to keep a special meaning for the hide. (Granted, the ants did make standing there a tad interesting….luckily they just crossed my feet and didn’t travel up.)

However, hands down the funniest part of the wedding was when I was chatting with some of the guests before the ceremony as we were waiting for the bride to get ready. One of the gentlemen looks around and asks me, “So…when will the pastor show up?”

While it was tempting to reply – “I don’t know…I hope he shows up soon as I’m tried of waiting.” – I didn’t.

Instead, I let him off the hook with a simple, “That would be me.”

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